Lost & Found

On Monday May 21st, the found items can be picked up from 14:00 – 18:00 hrs. at the supplier entrance at the site. The found items will be described below. If your item is on the list, we will see you on Monday. Please follow the directions from the crew on site.

If you do not have the opportunity to come to the festival site on Monday May 21st, please contact [email protected] and we will send you your items as soon as possible via PostNL. Shipping costs are for your own account. After payment your item First round of shipment will take place on Friday the 25th of May.

The following items have been found:

ID-Card, Passport, Drivers license

E. Steur
M. Kollaard
G.M. van der Zwan
M. P. Neuke
D. L. M. Stultiens
C.H. Heesters
L.R.M. Gijtenbeek
S.F.A. Linthuis
K. Lach
N. Dolek
B.M. Spoolder
M. Wolf
S.R. Sieger
R.M.J. Gerhards
K. Koetsenruijter e/v de Vos
D.Q.D. Brown
S.F.A. Linthuis
B.S. Pluijmen
M. Lacher
K. Fonteijn
R.M.M. Janssen
J. van Wijk
I.L.H Kerkhof
S. Heijnen
R.L.J. van de Vorst
L. Kleefstra
Z. Khadly
M. van der Graaf
M. E. Breuker
M. Pregliasco
S. Megchelenbrink
B.I.H. van Dijk
M.M.van Toor
M.B.L. Mortreux

Public transport card

B.S. Pluijmen


Samsung edge (blue)
Iphone 6 (german)
Samsung 6 
Keep in mind: if your lost phone is not on this list, we don’t have it!


M.A.J. van Nunen
D. Leinkeit
M. van Loon
M. Trimole
E. M. Girdharie
D. van Schijndel
J.M. Trinkle
N.H.I. Verhagen
C.P. Büll
J. Bellanova
J.P.M. Caris
H.W. Kohlen
J.W.M. Schepers
I.V. Starmans
J. Szeszol

ATM cards / Creditcards

K.H.M. De Weert
D.F. Prins
M.T.J.M. Van Katwijk
G.G. Zeegers
R.B.K. Te Bogt
T.E. Astering
Euroshell card Heineken Netherlands ***************3274
E.B. Meeuwsen
J.J.G. Breeuwer
M.N.G.J.F. Van der Biezen
S.M.J. Smit
M.A.C.M. Harbers
R. Wijtman
S.H.P. Van Rosmalen
R.P.R. Bakker
D. Van Schijndel
M. Van der Heide
R.W. Bogers
A.S. Fortuin
D.N. Bijwaard
B.S. Pluijmen
T. Bary
S.F.A. Linthuis
L. Goossens
Sociétaire Card Mr Valentin Petit ************4055
E.M.T.M. Sillessen
S.M.M. Groothuisen
M. Quentin Jehl Ackerland
T. Van der Leij
G. Scherl
Caisse D’epargne Card Holley Damien
W.A.J. Van Stiphout
D.J.P. Van de Pol
N. Van Uffel
J.C.W. Van der Heijden
K.F.C. Vermeltfoort
J.P.F. Van Houtum
G.J.C. Pegels 2x
P. Visser
D. Honcoop
A.A.J. Verbeek
M. Smolders
Postepay Evolution Card ************2495
B.I.H. Van Dijk
Lloyd Spencer
P. Bene


We have found several phones and they are all listed below. We can turn the majority on and have noticed that most of the phones are form BE/FR. To make sure that is your phone, you can send us a description of your background – or to be absolutely sure, you can send us you’re code. We’ll do nothing with your phone, but we want to make sure it’s returned to the rightful owner.
Keep in mind: if your lost phone is not on this list, we don’t have it!


If you have lost your keys, please give a clear description of your key + keychain.
Keychain with: Peugeot car key, gold chain with ‘R’, chain with
black and whit buoy, door chip, key from Star
Volkswagen car key
Volkswagen car key with fold-out key
Another Volkswagen car key with fold-out key
Bike key with grey fluffy key chain from mysecretsof beauty
Seat car key with fold-out key and door key from Winkhaus
Two silver door keys, one from Abus and one from Norm
Keychain with two silver keys, one from Cerrebi and one from
StylColor Errebi, a long gate key, and a black key chain from Anima Nera Black Soul
Key chain with one normal door key from Abus, a smaller key from Abus, another small key from Buchel, and a really small key Made-In, with a black-white-red key chain from Hardtours – We are hardcore
Two silver keys from BAB and Wilka with a black key wallet
Volkswagen key with a silver JMA key
Bike key with a BerneZorg key chain
Key chain with 4 silver door keys, a bike key, a bike lock key and ear plugs from Alpine
Bike key with a New Zealand wristband
Bike key with an elephant key chain
Key chain with one silver key and one key with a green cover
Two silver keys from Silga and Ivana
Bike key from Silca Italy with a bike lock key from Starry
Honda car key
Key chain with one bike key and two silver keys from CES and DOM
Bike key from AXA with small silver key
Bike key from AXA with silver key from Ikon
Bike key with silver key and key chain from Las Vegas
Two silver keys from Burg Wachter
Bike key with silver key from Abus
14 x one silver key
13 x one black bike key


Reborn cap
Cortese watch
Golden bracelet
Gelredome Wallet
CZ Zorgpas N Zoetmulder
Patiëntenpas Bernhoven G.S.H. Bogaarts
Club Pellikaan S. Pluimen
Holland Casino Favorites Dhr. B. van den Acker
Bewuzt verzekerd S.F.A. Linthuis
USB stick Flash voyagermini
Silver bracelet
Wireless remote control Oppilas