The Darkraver B2B Outsiders


The Darkraver:
The Darkraver, born on the 12th of September 1967 and known at The Hague’s city hall as Stefan André Sweet, can be seen as one of the most mystical, most legendary and most entertaining artists in the scene as we know it today. An artist who doesn’t take himself too seriously, having one mission and one mission only: turning every single gig into an experience never to be forgotten by the attending audience. With main ingredients such as gallons of booze (Bacardi & coke please), voluptuous women, total chaos, wicked outfits and his unique taste of humour, this man can single handily turn any ordinary party into a páááárrtttyyy! But all fun and jokes aside, let us not forget where the brand “The Darkraver” also stands for: a highly skilled DJ with fantastic mixing techniques, with an impeccable choice of records to go with it. This combination of entertainment and skills has proved to be an enormous success and made him by far one of the most booked artists of all times, delivering him a huge – and ever growing – fan base.


He frequently appears on the biggest line-ups, a well-known face at all the European party hotspots, respected by the biggest names in the scene and famous for his unique and explosive spinning style which always contains a jolt of adrenaline.
Do we need to say more? Outsiders is on full throttle and an asset for every House / EDM Music Event. Listening to his floor thrilling sets will make it impossible for you to stand still, so you all better be ready: Outsiders is coming your way!