Teaming up a couple of years ago, it was definitely a match made in Rotterdam heaven. And immediately it was clear Bougenvilla wasn’t planning to pigeonhole itself when it comes to producing music. Both Shefida and Jeremy have a background in several genres, finding common ground in the bass heavy house tunes they make today. The result, a duo that’s focused on the groove, while not afraid of raising a little hell once in a while.

Armed with a very distinctive trademark sound, their productions don’t go unnoticed, releasing music on imprints like Spinnin’ Deep and the TiĆ«sto run label Musical Freedom (where the duo unleashes the Marc MacRowland collab ‘Voodooz’ in February 2015). Meanwhile their hot blooded performances behind the decks do the rest of the job, Bougenvilla simply is the go-to act when it comes to exciting new sounds.